St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church

Living... to make difference

This informal service gathers about 25 people for a short opportunity to worship and share in the supportive community of St. Dunstan's. Only two scripture passages are read and a very brief homily (about 4 minutes) is offered. This service is a delightful opportunity for people to take a break from a busy week and get their bearings.

Service is held at 10:15 am in the main worship space of the church. There is no music.

Bible Study: Following the service, those who wish to stay and spend some time exploring the scripture with the Incumbent, the Reverend Richard Newland, may do so in the warmth of the lounge. Tea and coffee, as well as some sweets are provided. The Bible study is often lively, filled with humour, and may (actually usually) ventures off onto wonderful cul-du-sacs of learning because of a question asked.