St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church

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Baptisms are normally celebrated during the 10:30 am service.

 Your do not have to be a member of this parish to request baptism for your child or for yourself

 There is a preparation evening and rehearsal held, normally on the Wednesday evening prior to the baptism Sunday.
Baptism is central in Christian faith. In the earliest years of the Christian church, to be baptised as an adult was costly and even dangerous. It meant a commitment to the faith, to involvement in the Christian community and to living in the world as a Christian. In order to accomplish this we believe we are given grace to assist us in these endeavours. To be baptized as a child is to also receive the grace of Our Lord, but now there are years of maturing to accomplish before assuming the baptismal commitment as an adult.
Upcoming baptismal Sundays:
April 8 (Second Sunday of Easter)
August 5 (Transfiguration)
November 4 (All Saints Day)
Please call the church office (416-283-1844) to request the form, or to obtain additional information