St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church

In-Church Worship Protocols 

During the 

Covid-19 Pandemic 

Sept. 20:    8:30 am in-church service 

Sept. 27:    10:30 am in-church service 

Oct. 4:        8:30 am in-church service 

Oct. 11:      10:30 am in-church service

Oct. 18:      8:30 am in-church service

Oct. 25:      10:30 am in-church service

The following guidelines are provided so you can make plans to attend, should you desire to do so.

1.    You must call and reserve your space.  We will accept calls up to 12:30 pm on the Friday before the Sunday service.  Call 416-283-1844

2.    You are required to wear a mask or suitable face covering while inside the building

3.    Enter the building via the west door, from the parking lot.

4.    You will be greeted by a volunteer who will take your temperature and ensure you have made a reservation, or if you didn’t that we still have sufficient space to accommodate you.

5.    Please sit only in the chairs provided.   They have been placed 2 meters apart for your safety

6.    Should you desire to sit beside your spouse/partner please request a volunteer to show you which chair may be relocated.

7.    Family grouping is available, so children may sit with their parents.

8.    Communion will be received in bread only.

9.    Service bulletins will be found on the chairs, thus minimizing contact between people.

There is hand sanitizer stations located throughout the building.  Washrooms are available, but please only one person at a time inside the washroom.  Rest assured that we have done everything possible to minimize the risk of transmission, including the contracted use of a professional cleaning and sanitizing company who deep cleans the building twice weekly.

Things will look and feel differently that what we were accustomed to prior to the pandemic.  Yet, it will be wonderful to gather again in the worship space to give thanks to God for the grace and mercy shown to us, and pray for strength to hold the course until this pandemic has receded.