St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church

Celebrating our 35th anniversary


Welcome Back Bar-B-Que

September 8, following the 10:30 am service

With cottage season and vacations coming to an end, this event welcomes everyone back with a delicious bar-b-que, hosted by the Church Wardens.   Lots of food, salads and desserts! (All low calorie!)

A chance to share our summer stories without having to write an essay on “How I Spent my Summer Vacation.”   And its free!!!!

Pot Luck Supper

Saturday, September 15  at  6:00 pm

Our friends, Emily and Nancy, from York Landing, northern Manitoba are visiting with us at this time.   This pot luck, just like an indigenous community’s “feast” is a chance to renew our friendships and hear their stories.   York Landing was in the news recently with the manhunt so I’m sure they have stories to tell.