St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church

Living... to make difference

8:30 am
Said Eucharist

10:30 am
Choral Eucharist

 St. Dunstanís is a Church Community

 In this place you will find people who believe the Bible is Godís word to us. Among our numbers there are gay, lesbian and straight people, people with different skin colours, some with coloured hair and some with no hair at all. There are lawyers, doctors, teachers, tax collectors, teachers, students, clergy and many other job descriptions. Some of us are very young and some are not. Most of us are sinners Ė and we know it!
You may find people who are angry, frustrated, or hurt. You will find people who are not well, unemployed, and feel the emotional challenges of a frightening world. Some people here ride motorcycles. You will find people who believe in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and those who are not sure about that. Some of us are more Buddhist than Christian.
Some of us like classical music and some like country music. A few like heavy metal bands and quite a few like choral music. Most of us have family roots somewhere else in the world.
We are a Christian family and we represent humanity in all its fullness. Young and old, strangers and friends, male and female, we are called together in the Name of Jesus Christ.
You are welcome to join us, or just to be with us because it is Jesus Christ who invites you to be here.

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 56 Lawson Road
 Scarborough, Ontario
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Sunday Services
June 17, 2018
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
The Rev'd Julia Ford